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Being wrongfully accused of a crime can cause anxiety throughout your entire life. It might cause issues with your family, your friends, or at work. When it’s a sex crime like molestation, the effects can be even worse. It often doesn’t matter if you’ve actually been charged with a crime. An accusation can be extremely […]

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Having sexual intercourse with a minor is obviously against the law, but it’s not always a simple case. What you are charged with and what the potential consequences will be will largely depend on several factors, such as the exact age of the minor and how old you were at the time of the offense. […]


What does it mean to solicit a prostitute? Prostitution and soliciting a prostitute is currently illegal in the state of California. However, it sometimes not clear what exactly constitutes solicitation of a prostitute. By definition, the word solicitation refers to the persuasion of someone to do something. The law itself states that it is illegal […]