Some people think buzzed driving is less risky than drunk driving. But drinking any amount of alcohol can affect a person’s ability to drive safely. And in California, there is no distinction between buzzed driving and drunk driving. Any DUI charge can have long-term effects on your future.  If you’re facing drunk driving charges, an […]

Avoiding a DUI the Morning After Drinking

You spent a night out drinking with friends. Did you know you could still be drunk in the morning? It’s true. Alcohol can stay in your system for hours, even after your last drink. And if you don’t wait long enough before driving, you could be pulled over and charged with DUI in California. Any […]


Hi. My name is Givelle Lamano, and I’m a criminal defense attorney with Lamano Law Office. Very often when somebody is charged with a DUI one of the frequently asked questions that we get is, “What is a DMV hearing?” The DMV hearing is also known as an APS hearing. APS stands for Administrative Per […]

pulled over for dui

You’ve probably heard the Miranda warning before. You can’t watch a crime show or movie with police that doesn’t have someone reciting them during an arrest. However, the reality of these situations isn’t the same as what you might see and hear on your TV screen. If you are pulled over and arrested for DUI […]

drinking and driving

One of the biggest questions that drinkers have about driving is, “how many drinks is it okay to drink before it is illegal to drive?” Many people in California get arrested for DUI every year because they don’t realize they are over the legal limit. In most cases, anywhere from three to five drinks could […]

field sobriety test

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous. However, it is perfectly legal and safe to have a drink or two at a social event and get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, even if you are very careful with how much you drink, if you get pulled over, you may have to submit to one […]

The purpose of this is to give you some examples of how to get your DUI charges dismissed. For a full and comprehensive understanding of DUIs in California, including DMV hearings, and what to expect in criminal court, please watch our DUI playlists listed below. This is a down and dirty list of the most […]

What happens if you have been arrested for being drunk in public, also known as, Penal Code 647(f), Public Intoxication? In order for you to be charged with this type of a crime, or found guilty of this crime, there have to be a few things that are met. Number one, you are actually in […]

bicycle in city

When you think of DUI, there’s a good chance you take the term at its most literal. The D stands for driving, so you probably think of someone driving a car, truck, or another motor vehicle, while under the influence of alcohol. However, a DUI does not just apply to people who are driving. It […]