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  • We offer a 150+point examination of every case to ensure the best possible defense. We have a private investigator to get a report of what actually happened in your case.

  • Get a professional opinion of what needs to be done to avoid criminal charges.

  • Understand what to expect in criminal court. We explain the law in plain English.

  • Know what can be done to better your chances of winning.

  • After your initial call, you will get step-by-step explanations of what TO EXPECT in court and in your personal life.

  • We are the only law firm in Alamada County with over 200 five-star reviews for on Google and Avvo. This has earned us the #1 rating on Yelp for Criminal Law Attorneys in Oakland.


About The Firm

Lamano Law Office (LLO) is a woman owned and operated law firm located in Oakland, California. Our firm protects individuals accused of crimes using a holistic approach influenced by restorative justice. We provide our clients opportunities to redeem themselves and then use that information in court to present our clients as human beings and not just another case number. We have 100% five-star reviews on Google, rated #1 for Criminal Defense Attorneys in Oakland on Yelp, and use a 150-point inspection list on every case to ensure the highest standards of legal representation.

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Practice Areas

The Lamano Law Office takes every criminal charge seriously. We believe that anyone accused of a crime has the right to a vigorous legal defense. Our office prides itself for providing exceptional representation to each one of our clients.

DUI Defense

A DUI conviction can be very serious, especially for repeat offenders. Consequences may include license suspension or license revocation, fines, probation, jail time and more.

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DMV Proceedings

Givelle Lamano can be present for your DMV hearing and assist with legal advice so that your DMV proceedings may have a positive outcome.

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DMV Hearings

Even though the DMV hearing on your suspended license is more or less informal, there are still rules and protocols to follow.

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Felony DUI

Should you have the extreme misfortune to be involved in a DUI accident that causes bodily harm or death to another human being, you are looking at felony DUI.

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Domestic Violence

Having a domestic violence conviction without the help of a criminal lawyer can have serious consequences in your life.

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Gun Charges

Whether you have been arrested or awaiting your trial it's important to speak with a criminal defense lawyer who understands the California laws that surround gun control, and firearm offenses.

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Drug Offenses

California has very tough drug laws and drug offenses are widely prosecuted in Northern California. An experienced criminal law attorney can mean the difference between your freedom and jail.

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Assault & Battery

If you have been charged and arrested for either assault, battery or both, it is vitally important to contact a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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  • Rated #1 Criminal Defense Attorney in Oakland on Yelp

  • 100% Five-Star Reviews for DUI Attorney on Google.

We offer a 150+point examination of every case to ensure the best possible defense. We have a private investigator to get a report of what actually happened in your case.

If you have a criminal defense or DUI/DWI case in Alameda, Fremont, Hayward, Dublin, Oakland, Richmond, Pittsburg or San Francisco, contact our office for a FREE consultation now! Any day, any time, for peace of mind! (510) 842-0750

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