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Many people confuse escorting and prostitution or use them interchangeably to refer to the same conduct. However, escorting and prostitution are different under California law. Many illegal prostitution enterprises try to use these differences to masquerade as legal “escorting” services when they aren’t. This guide by Lamano Law Office will go over how to distinguish […]

Can you shoot someone who breaks into your house

There are not many things scarier than someone else being in your home when they aren’t supposed to be. It’s natural in this circumstance to try and defend yourself, your family, and your home, and many people own and keep guns in their home to defend themselves against home intruders. This guide will go through […]


How many times have you been watching a crime drama where the detectives find some genetic material then within minutes they’ve caught their suspect? We’ve all seen it, but the reality of how things play out is more nuanced and certainly much slower than Netflix would have you believe. In the significant majority of alleged […]

Truck DUI

Commercial vehicle drivers are held to a high standard in California. A person can lose their Class A Commercial Driver’s License in several ways. This guide will talk about the ways your Class A Commercial Driver’s License could be suspended, how to get it back, and a potential way to avoid a suspension. You can […]

Have you ever been out to the bar, had a couple of drinks, then wondered if you were sober enough to drive home? Before you get into that situation, you can use the Department of Motor Vehicles’ Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) chart to get a sense of how many drinks it takes before it’s not […]


Sentencing can happen at two stages in a criminal misdemeanor case: either after your plea is changed or after a trial. This guide will go over what happens leading up to sentencing and what happens during the sentencing process for a misdemeanor. Change of Plea Plea deals are a common way to resolve criminal cases. […]

pulled over for dui

Breath testing is a common tool in DUIs to determine a person’s blood alcohol content or BAC. There are two different kinds of breath testing, and they’re done at different stages of a DUI investigation. This guide will go over what those kinds of breath testing are when they’re used during the DUI investigation, a […]

Proving innocence in domestic violence

An accusation of domestic violence can turn your world upside down. In many cases, the police must arrest somebody even if they are innocent. This is to prevent being held responsible if they leave the scene, nobody is arrested, and then later somebody gets hurt. Then, you have to spend money on bail which could […]


You may know that it is illegal to drive with a blood alcohol content, or BAC, of 0.08% or more in California. Being convicted of DUI driving under the influence with a 0.08% BAC or higher carries steep consequences including possible jail time if you have multiple DUIs. Higher BAC levels could result in higher […]