A DUI charge is probably the only interaction most people will ever have with the criminal justice system. Doctors, grandmothers, college students ─ anyone can get a DUI. If you find yourself in this situation, know that a DUI doesn’t have to wreck your life, cost you your job, or ruin your reputation. An experienced Oakland DUI lawyer from Lamano Law Office can help.

After a 30-minute consultation with our knowledgeable DUI attorneys, you will understand the best-case, worst-case, and most likely scenario for you. We’ll walk you through how to keep your license, what defenses apply to your case, and what penalties the judge could consider. In many cases, our tenacious team can get charges reduced or dropped altogether. No matter what, we will do everything we can to protect you and achieve the best possible outcome.

So rather than stress out and beat yourself up for an arrest or a night gone wrong, talk to a seasoned Oakland DUI attorney from Lamano Law Office. In less than two minutes, you can be connected to an attorney who can give you peace of mind.

Do You Need a Lawyer for a DUI Case in California?

The simple answer is yes. An experienced DUI attorney can save you time and money in the long run by fighting the charges against you and minimizing potential penalties. At Lamano Law Office, our team goes above and beyond in every case because we know that our efforts can mean the difference between a clean record and a conviction. We take care of our clients, handling every aspect of their defense and allowing them to return to their lives while we resolve everything.

When you trust your case to our Oakland DUI law firm, our attorneys will:

  • Go over the police reports with a fine-tooth comb to identify the opportunities to pick apart the arrest
  • Move quickly to represent you at your DMV hearing, where we will argue for you to keep your license
  • Request a restricted license so you can still get to work and continue with your life if your regular license is suspended.
  • Identify defense strategies that could result in dismissing your case or reducing your charges to a wet reckless offense.
  • Argue for the least restrictive penalties, including the lowest fines, community service, jail time, and DUI school.
  • Represent you at all court appearances so you can be confident with a fierce advocate in your corner.

Don’t wait to get started on your DUI defense. Contact us now to speak with an experienced DUI criminal defense attorney.

Types of Cases Our Oakland DUI Defense Attorneys Can Help With

DUI attorneys in Oakland, CAAt Lamano Law Office, DUI defense is one of our primary practice areas. Our extensive experience in DUI defense allows us to handle your case competently and succinctly, saving you time and money and removing much of the stress that can be intrinsic to these situations.

Our defense team regularly represents people in cases involving:

No matter the circumstances of your arrest, you need an attorney who will listen to you and take the time to understand your concerns and goals. Our woman-owned defense firm pairs compassionate service with aggressive advocacy in every case we handle.