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Domestic violence and domestic battery/assault is a very serious problem in the eyes of the law. In the past, very few offenders were ever arrested or held accountable for their actions in a domestic violence situation, especially when there is little to no evidence of severe abuse. Today, law enforcement is compelled to arrest domestic violence offenders, either male or female, if there are any visible injuries to the complaining party.

During an on-scene investigation, law enforcement officials ask few questions before deciding that an injured individual is the victim of domestic abuse while the uninjured person is the abuser. The suspected abuser is then taken into custody, which triggers a vigorous domestic abuse prosecution and oftentimes conviction, even in the face of minimal evidence.

Having a domestic violence conviction without the help of a criminal defense lawyer can have serious consequences in your life. These convictions are often used in divorce and child custody cases and can even be used maliciously by jilted lovers to settle a score. Additionally, those with previous domestic abuse convictions will often have to attend mandatory anger management classes at their own expense, be banned from owning a weapon, and have to avoid contact with the victim, even to the point of not being able to see their children. Let the expert criminal defense attorneys at LLO help ease the burden of these charges.

Oakland Domestic Violence Attorney | Domestic Violence Battery or Assault

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