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Did you know that it’s not illegal to drink and drive? That’s right. As long as your blood alcohol levels are below the legal limit of 0.08, you are not committing a crime when you drink an alcoholic beverage and get behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, law enforcement officers use outdated field sobriety tests to determine blood alcohol levels and are often found to be flawed and inaccurate when followed up with blood tests. This is why it is so important to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer if you’ve been charged with DUI/DWI.

The truth is that even if you test higher than 0.08 on a breath or blood test, there are a number of factors that can influence the outcome of your test. Having someone on your side that will conduct the necessary investigation to try and clear your name rather than trying to convict you of a crime will go a long way to helping you receive the best possible outcome of your case.

Lamano Law Offices have personally handled a large number of DUI cases in Oakland and other areas of California. The criminal defense attorneys at Lamano Law Offices will work hard to ensure that you understand what the strengths and challenges of your case are, as well as provide you with skilled investigative services.

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