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Property Crimes

Criminal Defense Attorney Oakland, CA

Basically, property crimes fall into several other criminal acts that the District Attorney prosecutes aggressively. Property crimes can put you in jail or in prison and count as a strike!

Here are just a few property crimes that you can be charged with and will put you in jail or prison:

  • Residential Burglary (this is a felony and you are looking at state prison)
  • Commercial Burglary (this is a felony and you are looking at state prison)
  • Graffiti (generally a misdemeanor but very costly)
  • Trespass (a misdemeanor and you could be given a restraining order)
  • Vandalism ( this could be a misdemeanor or a felony)

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Many of the above crimes can put you in state prison. Even if the crime is a misdemeanor, or reduced to a misdemeanor the District Attorney will aggressively try to put you in jail. In most of these cases, you cannot get off probation until you pay for the damage. This is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney that will investigate and challenge all of the District Attorney’s evidence against you. The Law Offices of Givelle Lamano is experienced and knowledgeable in aggressively defending against property crimes.

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