Specializing In Fraud & Embezzlement Cases

Fraud and embezzlement are two very serious white-collar financial crimes. Those charged with either crime, or both, need to understand the importance of being represented by a capable, experienced criminal defense attorney to secure the best possible outcome. An Oakland Fraud & Embezzlement Lawyer from Lamano Law Office can guide you through your possible defenses and strategize the best way to attack your case.

Expunging the Conviction from your Record

When it comes to fraud and embezzlement charges, convictions can mean serious consequences that can affect your ability to get a job or even secure housing.

An Oakland fraud & embezzlement lawyer at Lamano Law Office may be able to represent you if you are looking into the possibility of having an expungement.

Fraud and Embezzlement Charges

There are several criminal acts that can be classified as either fraud or embezzlement. Some include government assistance fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, securities and mortgage fraud, money laundering and embezzlement.

The main goal of your criminal defense attorney is to see if you have any viable defenses. Each case is different and the facts specific to your case matters. Did you owe money or find yourself in a situation where you could not put food on the table? Were you suffering a gambling addiction? Or perhaps you didn’t think what you were doing was illegal?

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Whether you are charged with fraud or embezzlement in Oakland, a criminal defense attorney can explore what you can do to protect yourself and your liberty. Contact our law firm today to get a thorough review of what can be done in your case.