Stealing, Shoplifting and Theft Crimes

Nobody wants to be the victim of theft or to be accused of committing a theft crime. Crimes such as theft and stealing are heavily punished in the state of California. Convictions for such offenses can range from misdemeanor to a serious felony charge.

Stealing, shoplifting and theft really depends on the value of the items taken. The amount of loss will determine whether you face county jail or state prison.

Here are just a few of the offenses that you can be charged with:

  • Petty Theft (taking property valued less than $950)
  • Shoplifting (usually occurs when you take property from a store without paying)
  • Grand Theft (taking property that exceeds in value of $950 or greater)
  • Commercial Burglary (breaking and entering a business not a residence)

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You

When you are caught committing a crime of stealing or theft, you are looking at jail or prison depending on things like how much money the property is worth, your prior criminal history, and where the property was taken from. The District Attorney has an entire division assigned just for the prosecution of stealing and theft. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney with a knowledge of the law, of the consequences, and alternatives.

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