Specializing In Bench Warrants

When you have been charged with a crime, you are compelled to sit before a judge and have the outcome of that crime and any applicable penalties decided. For those who choose to miss their appointed court dates, the judge has the ability to issue a bench warrant in an effort to bring you to justice, in which case, you will need a criminal defense attorney on your side to navigate the legal system.

A bench warrant is an authorization by the court system for law enforcement officers to locate and arrest you in an effort to bring you to court to answer for your charges. This means that the officer has the authority to come to your home or place or work in order to place you under arrest. Or, if you are stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation, you will be arrested and brought to jail to be held until your court date.

Ignoring the existence of a bench warrant can jeopardize your ability to bail out of jail, if you are arrested or detained. You can even lose your ability to drive legally as your driver’s license can be suspended. However, bench warrants are usually easily resolved. Your criminal defense lawyer can help you resolve any open bench warrants and get you back on the right side of the law.