Don't Be an Idiot - $10,00 Will Make You Cry When You Spend That Money on a DUI

I often tell my DUI clients that if they go somewhere, even for one drink, do not get back in the car. Don't even get back in the car to move it. Leave your car where it is and take a cab. 

Getting your car towed and receiving a parking ticket is definitely cheaper than getting a DUI and hiring a lawyer. (Generally speaking, it's a comparison of $500 for a tow and a ticket vs. approximately $10,000 for a lawyer and a fight). 

Even better...don't drive yourself. Let someone else do it. There are amazing services available that you can use to avoid ever receiving a DUI while looking really on your game at the same time. Here are a couple options to consider implementing into your regular routine:

Night School: This is a shuttle service that runs between San Francisco and the East Bay on weekends after BART shuts down for the night. The company uses off-duty school buses and offers safe, reliable, and affordable rides home. Read a recent article on the Night School services or check out the Night Bus website. Or just jump right in and get the Night Bus app

Other options include Uber and Lyft.  You don't need cash or info. It's all taken care of through the app on your smart phone. 

Whatever method you decide to employ - just make it a hard and fast personal rule that you never get back in your car after you've had a drink no matter what. There are just no exceptions to some rules.