Multiple DUI Offenses

A second DUI offense charge in California is no joke. Of course a third DUI conviction is more severe. If you've been arrested for a DUI before, you know how it feels to be taken off to jail then wait to get out so you can do the next thing that could be the one thing that would help you most - call a criminal defense lawyer. Multiple DUI arrests will absolutely change your life and lifestyle for at least the next 1 to 2 years. Any DUI conviction subsequent to a first-time offense is going to come with stiffer penalties and punishments, and things only get worse after that.

A second DUI offense and conviction can include the following punishments:

• Up to 1 year in jail with a probable minimum of 90 days in there

• Fines that could be assessed up to $1000

• A suspended driver's license that will be on your record for up to 2 years

• A drug and/or alcohol program that runs for up to 30 months

If you get a third DUI conviction, you're looking at:

• Up to 1 year in jail with a probable minimum of 120 days in there

• Additional fines assessed up to $1000

• A suspended driver's license that will be on you for up to 3 years

• Another 30-month alcohol and drug program

A 4th DUI conviction will face:

• Up to 16 months in jail with a minimum of 180 days

• Another set of fines up to $1000

• Your driver's license suspended for 4 years

Probability of having a 4th conviction transmuted to felony DUI with further restrictions, fines and punishments that could significantly impact your life further.

Avoiding another DUI conviction needs to be your number one goal if you find yourself arrested for a multiple DUI charge, and the first thing you need to do to make this a possibility is call your very qualified and highly rated DUI criminal defense lawyer. You'll never be able to know or understand all of what goes into whether a charge will go to conviction or get tossed out, but your criminal defense attorney can. They will look at all the possible evidence and what the State's attorney is proposing, then advise you on next steps.

Oakland prosecutors have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were driving under the influence. If you have any mitigating circumstance, or any other element that a great criminal defense attorney can use to your advantage, you might have a chance of avoiding the additional DUI conviction - this is the best thing that could happen. Don't delay if you have been arrested for DUI - call our offices immediately, 510-842-0750.

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