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Did you know that many of the upstanding, hardworking citizens that live, work, and own businesses in your town have a criminal record? That’s right. However, having a criminal record can make it hard to further your education, land a good job or even participate in many aspects of civil life. And, it really doesn’t matter if the offense was committed as a juvenile or as an adult, the level of severity of the offense, or even whether or not the penalty involved jail time or was settled simply by paying a fine.

The good news is that California has now made it possible to remove the stigma of having a criminal conviction from your past through a number of different avenues, and having a criminal defense lawyer on your side makes taking care of these problems easier. These include expunging the conviction from your record, sealing the record of arrest, being granted a declaration of factual innocence, or even receiving a certification of rehabilitation and pardon. Each of these different processes will allow you to put the past behind you and move on with your life.

If you are interested in exploring your options to get an expungement, or removing a past criminal conviction from your record, you should to contact a criminal defense attorneys today. Schedule your appointment with one of our Experienced Oakland Expungement Attorneys today and wipe your slate clean.

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Expungement: How To Clean Up Your Criminal Record

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