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Negligent Discharge Of A Firearm

What happens when you or somebody you know has been accused of negligent discharge of a firearm? In order to be found guilty of this type of a charge, you need to find three things. Number one, that there actually was an unlawful discharge of a firearm. Number two, it was done in a negligent manner. And number three, that it could have caused death or injury to another person.

At Lamano Law Office, our goal is to determine whether or not you have any viable defenses. For example, was the firearm not actually loaded? Number two, could there have been a good argument that nobody would have been hurt given your actions? There are a bunch of other defenses to these type of crimes. Our goal is to keep you informed and to determine what facts apply in your case.

Please give us a call, so we can try to help. And thanks for listening.

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What Is Bail?

What is bail and how does it work? Essentially, when somebody is arrested for a crime, they can post a bail amount so that they can have their freedom while their criminal case is pending. There are two ways to post bail.

Either number one, you post the entire bail amount on your own or number two, you hire a bail bondsman and pay them a percentage at which you don’t get back at the end of your case. So if your bail is 100,000, you can either pay the 100,000 in full and get it back at the end of your case, or you can pay 7 to 10% of that, which is 7,000 to 10,000, to a bail bondsman and not get that back.

Another consideration with bail is something known as a bail hearing. This is an opportunity for your defense attorney to ask the judge to lower your bail amount or to release you without bail. There are two considerations in a bail hearing.

Number one, whether or not you are a flight risk, and number two, whether or not you have ties to the community. Flight risk essentially means that you’re likely to leave the country to avoid your criminal case. Ties to the community involve whether or not you own a home here, whether you’re married, how long you’ve been employed somewhere, whether you have kids or dependents such as your parents or kids that are depending on you. In order for you to get more information on bail, we ask you to give us a call so we can give you more information. Thanks for listening.

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