Whitney Whidden

Lamano Law works with Stride Services for its accounting support. The current accounting team includes Whitney Whidden, who has been working in accounting for over 10 years with a majority of her career in the legal industry. She received her undergraduate degree in accounting and later went back for her MBA.  What we love about Ms. Whidden is all of the random knowledge she has collected over the past 10 years which has helped the Lamano Law team run efficiently.  She has a superpower of getting things done in the most simple and efficient manner possible while making sure people feel heard, seen, and understood.  Ms. Whidden believes “It is ok to make mistakes and unacceptable not to learn from them. Mistakes happen…what we learn from those mistakes is what helps us grow.”  We are proud to have Ms. Whidden on our team.  If you have questions about the balance on your account, payments to Lamano Law, or need to get in touch with Ms. Whidden, please email her at accounting@lamanolaw.com.