Justine Collier

JUSTINE COLLIER is a Legal Assistant at Lamano Law Office. She is the first point of contact in our law firm and makes sure our clients are updated on their current and future court appearances.

Prior to working with LLO, she studied psychology at Cypress College and worked as a personal assistant to Dr. Coble-Temple, a psychologist and professor at John F. Kennedy University. Ms. Collier assisted in conducting evaluations for offenders who committed violent or sexual crimes and suffered mental health issues.

Ms. Collier was born and raised Alturas, a small town located near the Oregon/Nevada border in Northern California. She moved to Los Angeles and began her career in social justice where she realized her passion for advocating for underserved communities and those with mental health issues. Her passions are working with people who have developmental and physical disabilities, camping in the Sequoia National Forest, practicing yoga, and spending time with her three younger brothers.