Month: December 2018

What is a Criminal Defense Mitigation Packet?

Something that Lamano Law Office does is we write a mitigation packet for each of our clients. This is a letter that we, that we present to the district attorney’s office that outlines our client’s as human beings instead of just court numbers.

In order to help us put these letters together we’ll ask you submit us some documents. Some of these documents include letters of support from friends and family, any proof of volunteer work that you do, any awards or recognitions that you’ve won, or anything that really helps outline you as a person.

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Millions of Americans struggle daily managing stress and anxiety. For some it is constant irritant, like a low-level hum in their ear. For others, it is a crippling problem and they cannot function without medication. More and more doctors are turning to chemical solutions to address people’s ongoing issues with anxiety. One medication of choice is Klonopin, also known as one of America’s most dangerous drugs. For some Klonopin is a miracle drug, particularly those who suffer from seizures. However, for those that are prescribed Klonopin for panic disorders, using the drug comes with a price. First and foremost, Klonopin should never be used long term but is often prescribed as a long-term solution for people that use it to manage panic attacks. Klonopin users are prohibited from drinking alcohol. Not really a big deal by itself, but given the fact that Klonopin can and does cause memory loss this prohibition can quickly turn into a big problem.

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